December 4, 2021

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wp automatic plugin free download

wp automatic plugin free download

wp automatic plugin free download

wp automatic plugin free download
 Autoblog & Affiliate Marketing Plugin :WP Content Pilot 

Wp automatic plugin is an autonomous and content curation plugin that is used to high quality affiliate blog  bu just injecting the affilifate link to your blog or website in  just few seconds. wp automatic plugin help to gain more traffic.

On your website cause to increase in your earnings.

How to Use wp automatic plugin

set the targeted keyword or targeted feed url and WP content pilot will automatically post the content from various sorces untill it meets the target that you set .

working – wp automatic plugin

  1. Set keywords or feed links
  2. Select campaign type
  3. Set frequently and set target
  4. WP Content Pilot will automatically search for the keyword, grab the article and will set your affiliate ID.

Just download and  install the plugin  and configure  link given below .it as on your requirements and the plugin will work just like your assistant for posting contents on your site at a scheduled time.

Features – wp automatic plugin:

RSS/Feed Automatic Post to WordPress

  • can remove hyperlinks from post content.
  • Can Skip duplicate posting
  • Customize post title
  • Customize content template
  • Customize post types
  • Flickr images to WordPress
  • Minimum words filter, which will skip posts if contents have fewer words
  • can set image as featured image
  • skipable if image not found
  • can Remove all images from post content.
  • Youtube Videos Posting to WordPress
  • Custom post status

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