November 25, 2021

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windows 10 custom themes

windows 10 custom themes

windows 10 pro vs pro n

By the ways There are already a lot of themes available in Windows 10.But most of the people don’t like them usually and want to change these themes for their personal or office purpose use . So to do so let me tell you there are lost O.S. custom themes available on the internet which may surprize you . Some of them are free an most of them are paid but here I’ll provide you some provide windows 10 custom themes absolutely free

Default Windows 10 themes

Here are the list of default themes already been present in you window 10 operating system

PATH : “ C:\Windows\Resources\Themes

  • aero.theme
  • light.theme
  • theme1.theme
  • theme2.theme

And their corresponding folder have been already present in this directory as you can see here. So without wasting our time we are going to install matte_ black windows 10 theme. Click here to download the ” matte_by_kiwus1drew-dcjpkjw .zip “ file .

How to install

Requirment :

  1. Graphics driver
  2. Universal theme patcher (X64 or X32)
  3. Windows 10
  1. Graphic Driver : if you are using laptop or desktop then make sure that u have nstalled your appropriate graphic driver for your system otherwise it may lead to corrupt your OS or cause of miss functioning . So install it at your own risk .

      2. Universal theme patcher  : it’s a very basic but the most important file for          patching the theme files . Only you need to patch these two files as shown in the figure i.e. Themeui.dll and uxtheme.dll . After that you system will restart .

Steps to install matte_black theme

  1. Go to this location “ \matte_by_kiwus1drew-dcjpkjw\Matte\Icons & Ipack\Ipack ”
  2. Rename extension name to Matte.exe
  3. Double click on matte.exe and install the icon pack . it’ll take some time time , don’t panic .

4. After that go to this location “ \Matte\Theme(1703,1709,1803 Supported)\Theme

5. Copy all these 4 file with folder

6. Paste them in to this location “C:\Windows\Resources\Themes

7. After doing this it’ll look like this .

windows 10 halloween themes
windows 10 halloween themes

8. Then the job is done

9. Right click personalize and apply the theme

10. Enjoy Windows 10 custom matte black theme totally free

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