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Top 10 WordPress Plugins

Top 10 Wordpress Plugin

Top 10 Wordpress Plugin

Looking for the best WordPress plugins to take your business to the next level in 2021? There are over 58,000+ WordPress plugins that you can choose from. 

This makes it extremely overwhelming for new users to find the right plugin for their website. Here are the list of total 10 wordpress plugin s that have got more love and support from their users and  excellent feedback with 4-5 star ratings . 

1.Yoast SEO

yoast seo

One of the most top rates and highly used SEO plugin that is ”yoat SEO “ plugin which have become popular among their users after it’s umcomparable and easy to use features with user friendly interface . Infact now days everyone who have blogs or business site on wordpress it’s hard to find that who don’t use this plugins .

It’s a basically search engine optimization for wordpress users and have appromiximatly more than 5.2 million active users and has been downloaded about 200 million times .

CEO: Marieke van de Rakt (Jan 2019–)
Founder: Joost de Valk
Founded: 2010
Stable release: 15.7 / 26 January 2021; 13 days ago
Developer(s): Yoast BV
Type of business: Search-engine optimization

Features :

It’s basically provide you an environment in which you can easily customize your content overview on google search result or in any search engine search results . Such as It helps you to make your content visible according to SEO requirement and suggest you that how long should be your meta description,  Heading tag, slug area, Description box and many more in paid version .

It also predict the good readability and also highlight the readability difficulty percentage by flashing red and green light . in the last when all the requirement meets according to the seo settings then the green light turns on . it means that you are all set and ready to publish your post .

• Article structure
• Keyword density
• Flesch-Kincaid reading ease
• Meta Description
• link support
• Pre-Keyword Usage
• Use of keywords in subheading
• Permalink Cleanups
• social sharing

2. Jetpack (WP Security, Backup, Speed, & Growth)

jetpack plugin use

It is like all in one package plugin for wordpress users .with 5 million+ active installation designed to an all rounder plugin and cause of which it’s have multiple functions it’s famous among the wordpress users as all in one package plugin .

although it’s official name is jetpack .Any way if we talk about it features then let me tell you can do lots of stuffs with your site such as enabling CDN , Lazy loading of images (most recommended ), Subscription to to new post via Email , server site speed monitoring , Related post for wordpress and may more . Here are some mostly commonly used features mentioned below 

Created by: Automatic
Active Users: 5 million +
Current version: 9.4
Business Type: Data Management, Security and Optimization Objectives

Features :

  • Always on security
  • Built in performance
  • Code free customization
  • Effortless growth
  • User friendly interface

3. Akismet Spam Protection


Akismet checks your comments and contact form submissions against our global database of spam to prevent your site from publishing malicious content. You can review the comment spam it catches on your blog’s “Comments” admin screen.

Owner : Automatic
Created By : Matt Mullenweg
Launched : Oct 26 , 2005

Features :

  • Automatically checks al the comments and filter out spam comments
  • URLs are shown in the comment body to reveal hidden or misleading links.
  • Spam monitoring 
  • Every comment has it’s status history so that you can easily identify which comment have been caught by vanished by akismet and which of them are spammed or unspammed by moderator

4. Swift performance

taylor swift performance 2020

Swift performance is basically a wordpres plugin which gives you the feature to enhance website speed By managing cache memory ,now days more than 50% wordpress users use this plugin to optimize their site speed performance When it comes to ranking factor on any search results then it sites’s speed matters a lot .

And speed of your site may decrease or increase depends on various factor but irrespective of your hosting server speed this  “Swift performance” plugin helps you in different ways in optimizing your site and make your site quite faster.

There are also lots of various plgins which provide same features . where wp rocket and swift performance are mostly used. You can wp-rocket instead of swift performance as per your choice .

Features :

  • Caching
    1. Page caching
    2. Broser caching
    3. Proxy chaching
    4. Cache preloading
    5. Lazy elements
    6. Cache empty minicart
    7. Alax cache
  • Image optimization
  • Databse optimization
  • Css and Js optimization
  • Plugin organizer
  • Google analytic tools
  • CDN support

5. Contact Form 7

recaptcha with contact form 7

Contact Form 7 is one of the oldest free form builder plugins that’s used by a lot of developers because of it’s advanced features. It 7 allows you to create, customize, and manage front-end forms on your site in so easy way . Wp-froms also available here to provide you the same features as it does. You can use both od these plugins to add forms in your business website or in blogger .

Elements used in this contact-7 forms .

What is forms : it’s a basically a form which takes user input and store it to your database and further you can use these records as per your requirement . These forms are made by using HTMl, css and little bit javascript codes  to make it look attractive and reliable .

  • <text>— a simple text box that allows input of a single line of text.
  • <email>- a type of <text> that requires a partially validated email address
  • <number>- a type of <text> that requires a number
  • <password>— similar to <text>, it is used for security purposes, in which the characters typed in are invisible or replaced by symbols such as *)
  • <radio>— a radio button
  • <file>— a file select control for uploading a file
  • <reset>— a reset button that, when activated, tells the browser to restore the values to their initial values.
  • <submit>— a button that tells the browser to take action on the form (typically to send it to a server)
  • <textarea>— much like the <text> input field except a <textarea> allows for multiple rows of data to be shown and entered
  • <select>— a drop-down list that displays a list of items a user can select from


Programming language used for backend : PHP

Features :

  • User friendly interface
  • No coding skills required
  • All types of elements is available
  • Custom form styling

6. WooCommerce

woocommerce jetpack

It’s an open source e-commerce plgin for wordpress users . Desgined for small to large sized merchates to  grow their e-commerce store with it’s  awesome product management features in free version and many more . Developed By woo themes launched on 27 september , 2011 .

This plugin became popular for it’s easy to install and user friendly graphical interface . And no doubt various features of product management which make this plugin so popular between merchants which systematically want to sell their product and want a proper payment gateway system .It have over 39 million downloads as a plugin and is currently active on more than three million websites and is the most popular eCommerce platform in 2018

Author: Mike Jolley, James Koster
Developers : automatic
Intial release : 2011
Language used : php
Business type : ecommerce
Liscense : GPl

Features :

  • Flexible and secure payments
  • Build and customize without limits
  • Set up your store
  • Systematic product management
  • Marketing your store
  • Product analysis
  • Customer authentication

7. Google Analytics for WordPress

google analytics plugin

First of all we will understand why we do need google analytic and what manner it can help you to grow your website .With the help of real time active visitors , total page visits , traffic from different countries and with many more such features that you can do with google analytic plugin .

Once you start a blog, your #1 goal is to get more traffic and subscribers. Google Analytics help you make data-driven decisions by showing you the stats that matter features that google analytic plgin provide are metioned below .

Active installation : 600,000+
By : Jeff star
Language used :  php
Business type : Data monitoring

Feature :

  • Who visits your site
  • Display advertising
  • Enhance link attribution
  • Option to disable tracking of admin-level users
  • Option to enable page tracking in the Admin Area
  • Works with or without Gutenberg Block Editor
  • Easy to customize the tracking code
  • Current user’s activity on your site
  • Real time visitors information
  • From where they found your site
  • What manner visitors visits your page (including timespan and visited pages and posts )

8. Elementor


The world’s leading website builder and have bcome first priority of website developers around the world . with it’s easily drag and drop feature and user friendly interface due to which every non-technical or a normal user can easily use it no coding skill is required with built in responsive mode .  Elementor is an Israeli software company, providing web development services.

Type of business: private
Founded : 2016
Head quarters : Ramat Gan , Israel
Services : website development

Features : ( Some of importance and most likely features are metioned below )

  1. Drag and drop
  2. 300+ designer made templates
  3. 90+ widgets
  4. Responsive editing
  5. Popup builder
  6. Theme builder
  7. Woo commerce builder
  8. And many more >>

9. W3 total cache

w3 total cache

Speeding up your website makes your visitors happier, improves the chances they buy from you, and even gets you more of those visitors in the first place! W3 total cache

Is a plugin that helps you to boost your site performance By integrating your content delievey network and saves bandwidth by minify and compressing your website’s files  , . By But even if you know you need a faster website, when terms like caching, minification, and content delivery get thrown into the mix, it can start to feel a little overwhelming, right?

So if you’ve been struggling with the time or technical know-how required to improve your site’s speed, I’ve got the guide for you more>>.


By : BoldGrid
Active installation : 1million+
Tested Up to: 5.6.2
Written in : PHP

Features :
  • WordPress Page caching
  • Static file compression
  • On demand(image lazy load )
  • Web server and stack compatibility
  • Many more >>
Features in pro version:
  • Fragment caching
  • Rest API caching
  • Elemenator render blocking CSS
  • Extenson framework
  • Purge logs
  • Ticket support

10. RafflePress

raffle website template

Online giveaways benefit your brand by increasing site traffic, growing your email list, and generating targeted leads. These fun contests get visitors excited to learn more about your business in exchange for the chance to win a really cool prize. 

RafflePress can help you facilitate your next online giveaway. RafflePress has all the features you will need to create a powerful giveaway / contest for your website or online store. This WordPress plugin comes with pre-built contest templates and a drag-and-drop sweepstakes builder. In under five minutes, you add prizes with images, configure viral sharing actions, and customize the style to match your brand.

By : RafflePress
Active installation : 10,000+
Tested Up to: 5.6.2
Written in : PHP

Features :
  • Drag & Drop Giveaway Builder
  • Viral Giveaway Templates
  • Responsive Mobile Friendly Giveaway Widget
  • 1-Click Entry + Fraud Protection
  • Viral Sharing (Refer a Friend)
  • Social Media Integrations
  • Email Marketing & CRM Integrations
  • Giveaway Landing Page
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • tech movies
  • tech knowledge
  • wordpress
  • tech facts
  • blogging
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