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how to hack android games

how to hack android games

how to hack android games

The most common and famous way to take advantage of these apps through root access . But we all know only few guys have rooted there phone and these application perfectly runs on rooted phone . So no need to worry about that here you can hack any type of android games even without rooting your android phones .

It can be very use full and funny for android gamers : just imagine to increase your score which can’t be done by just just playing and achieving that higher score and can use to make it look you cooler  around your friend circle .

So for hacking android games you’ll need some softwares which is visible on playstore or any third party websites .

Ways to hack games :

  • By manually
  • By using apk

    Note: Please note that before installing any type of external apk file in your android system .  you unknown source option should be checked. You can usually find it in “security “ under settings .

1. By manually

By doing it manually you’ll first have to root you phone and  for rooting android phone here you can visit this link to “how to root android phones ” easily. After rooting your android  device . you’ll need a file manager .

  1. You can download “ ES file explorer “ available on playstore .
  2. Just got to root directory
  3. Go to /data/data/game/yourApp/shared_pref
  4. you’ll find some xml files
  5. use any editor to open these files

NOTE : in the same folder you can find some databases files by editing the values of it using any database editor tools . you can modify those too .And you’ll surely love to do that cause there are list of options you can find to change , such as replacing hardware volume buttons to quit button ,  actions button in to volume button ,

     6.or you can also use any apk editor tool to modify .dex file in to .small to modify java               files and you can also replace images and sounds

2. By using apps (APK file)

It is also the safest and simplest method for your device to hack any almost all types of android games without rooting your phone . let’s check some of the most common and famous apps which helps you to hack android games easily .

a) Game killer

game killer apk download latest version

Game Killer is a free Android app that lets you use cheats and modify aspects of your favorite video games. It works by injecting code from the background while the game is running, letting you modify whatever values you want in the title in question.

Once the app is opened, it stays open on your device and is accessible from a semitransparent icon that you can place on any part of the screen.and while playing the game you can edit the running services of game and add you custome score and edit any type of digit value . which may lead to change the whole total score board of your game .


b) Lucky patcher

lucky patcher for ios

Lucky Patcher is a free Android app that can mod many apps and Games, Block ads, remove unwanted system apps, backup apps before and after modifying, Move apps to SD card, remove license verification from paid apps and games etc.

With Lucky Patcher Guide 2017, you’ll get to know all the ins and outs of how Lucky Patcher works, as well as which steps you need to take to manage app permissions, shut down ads or create automated backups for your smartphone, and much more thanks to Lucky Patcher.

To enjoy all these features download lucky patcher apk for free now! Download

c) Sb game hacker

sb game hacker download

The SB Game Hacker application is an application that is able to run along side a multitude of games. This application must be open while a game is open at the same time too. This seems to be the simplest app for hacking Android games on a rooted device. It allows you to change the number of lives, coins, gems and so on, but it also allows you to speed up time, which might be needed in some games. This allows players to alter values within games such as the attack points for certain weapons, the time clock in games, as well as the speed of the character. 

For hacking coin let us see how to hack

  1. Open Game Hacker and minimize it while playing .
  2. Open that game which you want to hack .
  3. Start you game on any level , make sure that you coin should be visible .
  4. Maximize the game hacker .
  5. Put the number of coins in the input box, and tap “search”.
  6. Now you can increase or decrease the number of coins what you have , by buying something / selling something.
  7. Open Game Hacker again, enter the current amount of coins and tap search.
  8. If everything is done properly, you will be able to enter the desired amount of coins in the modification box.
  9. Again, increase or decrease the number of coins by buying or selling something.
  10. Immediately after that, you will see the desired amount of coins appear.

d) Cree hack

cree hack apk download

Cree hacks is one of the most famous and most powerfull for android game hacking .   But due to some reason it has been removed from the playstore . Bt still it has so much popularity that everyone wanna use this app to hack their android game .

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