December 5, 2021

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Real time chat application using node.js

Hey everyone welcome back in one of most interesting blog of building real time chat application using Node Js , package . previously we had build a real time user caht system via php and Mysql ,but this we are gonna use Node js as backend  and no need of database to store the data . Althought you can use it by yourself if you want to store the data and process it further .

here we are gonna create this app within 30 minutes and believe me guys you would love it so much while building this functionality by yourself .  But before we get started let’s view a quick demo of it so that you’ll get a good video before building the actual functionality .  

Technolgy used : Node js 

packages :  express , handlabars ,  , nodemon , mongoose(optional: if you want to save the data of every user  )

Template Engine : handlebars or you can use react JS instead  

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