November 15, 2021

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digital marketing and web development

how to earn money from blogging on wordpress

how to earn money from blogging on wordpress

digital marketing vs online marketing

digital marketing and web development

 digital marketing and web development these are both different things but depended on each other but how?. This is the big question among the people and many people get confused in these terms. So lets understand what is it.

What is Digital marketing

Digital marketing is simply way of promoting your brand online or and to make profit .so it can be done in many ways. As you have seen many times a shopkeeper promotes his brands to make posters and banners to reach his existence level in the market .because in the present time no buddy  knows his brand in the market .

So first of all he will have to promote his brand. And to do so there are various method to promote his brand. It can be done by releasing small papers, banners , posters , or he can contact to the news paper publisher to publish his brands. Or what ever he want to publish. To reach the people as much as possible he can .

And then here comes the digital marketing which promotes your brands all over the world in few costs in very effective manner , and trust me it affects a lot . and the most important of digital marketing is that it’s it is much much cheaper than any advertising methods.

Live examples of digital marketing:
  • Youtube
  • Google
  • Quora
  • Blogs
  • Any websites
  • Etc..

And the second important use of digital marketing Is that if you have knowledge about anything then you can spread it over the internet and can make profit according to your content .

You can do in many ways such as blogging , websites , making videos , selling your courses online and many more . I must tell you there are several many ways to make money online only just you have to gain knowledge about that particular field it may of of any type only jus tyou have to mastery in that field .

Blogging and youtube is One of most popular way to earn money online where you have to make videos or content about your topics which people mostly search on search engines which increase your possibility filter your results in the search engines and make visible to your visitors.

how to earn money from blogging on wordpress

how to earn money from blogging on wordpress

Here comes the topic web development , you can develop your website by your own ways such as by using frameworks like laravel , .net , django , cake php , eclipse and many more frameworks are available in the market.

Some of them are paid and some are free of cost , but for blogging the most famous plateform is wordpress works on php(server site scripting language ) . And used to make very interactive website  user friendly interface.

Only you need to understand how the wordpress console works and the major part of this plateform is that you don’t need to code only your have just have to design your site with already available plugins which helps to increase your speed and  make responsive for all types of devices.

And you can also earn money by making someones website. And after making website the important marketing of services through website and running the google ads on your website to make money or you can do affiliate marketing to give reviews on products and make commission to your affiliate company. Amazon Is the best example of affiliate marketing , in india flipkart also provide this service.

Basics of digital marketing:

digital marketing is very huge subject and you can learn more and more about it and grow business all over the world .

These are the three basic pillars of blogging

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Brand promotion
  • Content writing skill
website designing and development

languages for web development

languages used for web development :  there are many language to for web development which can be used for backend and front end development.

front end development languages

  1. HTML (scripting language)
  2. Css (cascade style sheet)
  3. Javascript (can be use both for front end and backend )
  4. Bootstrap (framework of css developed by twitter)
  5. Normalize (framework of css)
  6. Ajax ()
  7. Jquery (to handle specific elements of html tags)
  8. Jason (java script object notation )

 backend web development languages

  1. Java
  2. Php
  3. Python
  4. Javascript
  5. ruby

different types of websites: there are two types of websites exist

1.static website:

 Static website are those website which data doesn’t change automatically time to time to do so you have to manully post your data on each pages . and these data are not stored anywhere . in case if we need this data in future then we are not able to use it again . because it is not sotred  anywhere .

2.Dynamic website:

Dynamic website are those website which uses database to store all the userdata or sites data side by side and make interactive website to the user. To do so we use SQL(structured query language) .

List of databases softwares

  1. My sql db

list of databases in mysql:  you can simply check your databse list by login your databse account

  1. mogo DB

list of databases in mysql : you can simply check your databse list by login your databse account

  1. seal db

list of databases in mysql : you can simply check your databse list by login your databse account

So basically web development is a huge topic top discuss if you want learn more about the web development the click this link here “” to learn lots about web development.   

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