November 16, 2021

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introduction to artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) is wide-ranging branch of computer science

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Now a days artificial intelligence becomes the main stream of computer science. And some field  it is also started to use but not in massive scale because it is still in progress state to increase it’s future possibilities.When it comes to think and take actions like human then artificial intelligence comes on first number. In the present day it’s in peak stage of understanding and take actions like human in computer science field .Artificial intelligence is becomes the wide branch to bulding smart machines and perform task that typically requires human intelligence.

AI is the interdisciplinary science with multiple approaches but advancement of deep learning and machine learning creating paradigm in this field.

History of AI

History of artificial began with antiquity. The idea of artifial intelligence was came in 1940 during invention of programmable digital computer . Which was based on essence of mathematical reasoning .And this invenstion forced all the scientist to think about to develop a computer brain like human brain. Which able to able to all that critical task or decision in just a secod with it’s own intelligence.

How it works

If all of you know that the every computer computer has it’s own brain and can perform task in just few second 100 or 1000X faster than normal human brain ,but the only problem is that it can perfrom only those tasks for which it is programmed . It can’t detect answer of that problems which if not feeded in it.  

These all set of instruction are stores in processor(computer’s brain) in the form of  machine language implemented through high level can use any high level languages to implement your problems which has definite set of instructions.But in market currently maximum all the persons using python programming language because it’s easier to use .when it write code for AI.

So basically it mathces the pattern of real life object which you see on daily basis and collect all the information about that object such as shape ,size ,regular patterns,repeated patterns,uniqueness, etc  just like human brains and process all these information with all the previously collected data’s to give input according to your requirment, sometime it may be wrong and sometime it may be right.


  • you can capture lot of information of any product or anything with your smart phone cameras in few seconds this is all possible just because of AI.
  • suggested words:

    If you go to search on google search engine then whatever you type in the search box many words or senteses suggested to you related to that word or senteces. This also possible just because of AI.

  • Finding routes of the trains.

But the final conclusion will approximatly greater than 90% right.

First Intelligent robot

On those days when AI was on it’s peak level then a robotic project was started  in Waseda university in japan which was the world’s fist full screen robot names WABOT-1 was finally completed in 1972 which is called android .Android is made up of two words AND which means humans ,DROID means “like” to sum up these meaning we get “something which is like humans” .WABOT-1 was able to walk process data ,understanding japanse language.

 Phase 1 AI winter(1974-1983) :Any many more but it was not able to all perform all those tasks which humans could do.then AI winter(1974-1983) comes and companies who invested in this project to makes this project succesfull refused to give more funds .

Phase 2 AI winter(1980-1987): On those days experts system program were developed which was not genering but used to sove the particular domain Problems.because of it can solve problem related to specific domain was failed to aquire attention of big investors to work onthis project .

Phase 3 AI winter(1987-1993): In these days investors were fascinited to these AI projects but slow down they refused to give funds to these running project .

Phase 4 AI winter(1993-2011): In these day IBM company had built a software called deep blue which was based on artificial intelligence had much ability to think and take decisions like human.

On those days a chess match was conducted between Deep Blue and Gary Casparov in 1997 and unfortunatly Deep blue wons the match which creates controversy over weather the match condition .

Future Scope

Since 1943 till now AI crze is at it’s peak level . beacasue all you can all see you the real life example such as real assistence ,self driving cars,and all those tasks which your machine need not take advice from you to do that. Means it have better capability to observe ,undertsand ,process and take actions just like human do.

In long term, an important question is that will this repalce the human existence in future. Just think those days when these machines will be able to do all those tasks which human takes to do it in very long time. Such as autonomous weapons aitificial intelligence system that are programmed to kill ,think if this weapong goes in to wrong person these weapong can easily cause mass casualities .

Moreover in future it have better capabilty to replace human efforts all the way,due to which  uneployment can increase drastically. Which is very dangerous situation seemed like movie scenes who refused to obey orders of human who borned them .

Artificial industry impacting the future of virtually every industry and every human being and acted as the main driver of emerging robotics ,big data ,IOT(Internet of Things .

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the subset of  artificial intelligence and method of data analysis that automates analytical model bulding means that we can code it for doing some specific task and feed all the related information of a particular field and generate the output related to it. Be carefull it is not artificial intelligence but only part of AI which is used to perform the specific task .which can learn the already sotored data in it. Which identifies patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.

Exampl: recognization of face, speech analysis etc.. means It can only perform only those tasks related to which it has stored maximum data and by matching patterns and and many more data’s give the ouput.

Deep learning

 Deep learning is basically used to handle large amount of data with better accuracy ,in machine learning we feed all the information related to our object where as in deep learning it automatically generates the information by just analysing the object with it complext algorithms.

It is also use to solve complex problem which humans take to do lots of time .and is use to solve  problem of many aspects which was restricted in machine learning . it automatically learn to new thing around them


  • Medical field
  • Self driving cars
  • Finding cancer cells
  • Robotics