November 20, 2021

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Technology Tips and Tricks and Software cracks

Welcome to, We're dedicated to giving you So Useful information about technology and terminologies behind it in soft and easy language so that every one could understand it , with a focus on technology tips and tricks , and Problem solving community with some most useful software cracks and patches.

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Founded in 2021 by Shashikant Kumar officially Earlier this website used to run on “” domain After that we imported it to the Techymaxx domain due to some technical error has come a long way from its beginnings in . When first started out, their passion to educate People and to make them learn that how these technical things works such as technology used behind any type of softwares , Tips and tricks to at least get the small overview of technical things on beginner level and And over time we continued to make it even more advanced ,how to implement it and how it can be used in may other ways and about lots of technical stuffs .

so that can offer you Best ever quality and useful content for all time – e.g. “how does block chain works , Firewall in network security Build your own chat application , awareness of phishing , Cyber security and how to make jarvis assistant using pythogn , and providing some mostly used software cracks and patches ” these are only few example of content that we built for our viewers. Currently we have 2 members only on this blog and planning to further make a team to enhance it’s productivity and to server all of you more useful and more informational content .We now serve customers all over World , and are thrilled that we’re able to turn our passion into my own website.

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